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2018 Mill City Press Author Awards Winner!

Entertainers Who Work! won first place in the the Self Help category.

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Entertainers Who Work!

A Guide to Turning Your Talent into a Full-Time Career
"Good luck-and don't suck!"

For over twenty-five years, Gary Berg has said those words to entertainers before they take the stage. But he knows there's much more to being a professional performer than innate skill or blind luck.

Whether you're a comedian or musician, juggler or hypnotist, or hobbyist or professional seeking the next level, Entertainers Who Work! will help you unlock your potential and discover how hundreds of entertainers have turned their talent into six-figure salaries.

Gary Berg founded G.L. Berg Entertainment in 1989, and today that company has grown into one of the largest entertainment providers in the country, contracting over 4,000 worldwide shows and events annually. Gary holds a BA in English and an MA in Higher Education Administration, and his previous career as a college administrator helps him keep smart and talented people focused and on track. This book offers unique insights, ideas and plans to help achieve success and is a must-read for those wanting to make a professional career doing something they love - entertaining! 

What Readers are Saying...

"I WISH this book would have been available when I started in show business! Not a “how to get rich” book, but an honest assessment of how to make a decent living doing something you love. Required reading if you’re considering turning your performance hobby into a profession."

                                                        - Mark "Sparky" Sparks | Professional Performer & Talent Agent

"Don't read this book unless you are serious about the profession of entertainment. This isn't a book of war stories or behind-the-curtain hi-jinks that entertainers experience; this is a guide to becoming a paid, professional entertainer. What I liked about "Entertainers Who Work" is that it is not just another "here is how I did it, so you should follow my lead" approach. Berg has worked with every type of act you can imagine, so he knows what gets people hired or not hired; and hired back or not hired back. He also digs deeper than practical matters, such as contracts and fees; he demands that the reader look inside him- or herself-as well as the social support system-to determine if the path of professional entertainment is the right one. You can certainly build an entertainment career without reading this book, but I wouldn't."

                                                     - Stephen Rentfrown | Professional Comedian & Business Owner


"While this book is written for entertainers who want to turn their talent into a viable business, it has helpful advice for anyone considering an entrepreneurial path. It’s a quick read, and a great book to go back to for a little inspiration. I loved all the quotes from people the author has worked with. This would make a great gift for students or graduates, as well!"

                                      - Ann Rupnow | Entrepreneurship & Economic Development Coordinator

"This book offers concrete next steps for those who wish to work in the entertainment industry. It is an easy read, full of examples of successful entertainers who make money doing what they love. I recommend it for anyone who has a dream to work as a creator and/or artist and isn't sure how to get started."                                     - S. Heidtke | Associate Director of Career Services

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