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Entertainers Who Work!


"Good luck-and don't suck!"


For over twenty-five years, Gary Berg has said those words to entertainers before they take the stage. But he knows there's much more to being a professional performer than innate skill or blind luck.


At G.L. Berg Entertainment, Gary has perfected the art and science of turning talent into a full-time profession. And now, he's packed all the mentorship of his entertainment company into one powerful guide to help entertainers and speakers get work and get paid.


You'll learn the best insider tips and secrets:

  • How to get work in the elusive corporate-and-private-event market

  • How to diversify your audience with festivals, colleges, cruise ships, theaters, fairs, and more

  • How to create and run your own small business, with detailed information about budgets and business plans tailored for entertainers and speakers


Whether you're a comedian or musician, juggler or hypnotist, or hobbyist or professional seeking the next level, Entertainers Who Work! will help you unlock your potential and discover how hundreds of entertainers have turned their talent into six-figure salaries.

A message from the author
"I saw a need in the marketplace to make this information available to a wide range of people who may not be able to access it. It's not the kind of information you receive in college programs or at a library, etc. This book offers advice I've learned and gathered working full-time in the field for many years and seeing what truly works. I enjoy helping creative people live their dreams."

Gary Berg, CEO & Author

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