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Seasons Change and Shows Do Too

When you look at your career as a full-time professional performer you should look at each month and determine where you will be able to get work during those months. This will help you budget and create a stronger marketing plan and also give you guidance in how you can create and develop shows to fit the markets you are suited to play.

The key for most successful working entertainers to keep cash flow coming in throughout the year is to shift the types (markets) of shows they do as the seasons change.

For example: right now many performers are filling their calendars with county and state fair shows, festivals and miscellaneaous shows at other venues. But with the end of summer fast approaching, it is time to transition into different show options.

Fall brings in shows at colleges and theaters that generally do not happen during the summer months. Many private parties (annual meetings, association events, galas, customer appreciation dinners, etc.) start to ramp up. Performers who are looking to expand their customer base will benefit from havings shows that can play to these audiences as well as others. Certainly not all acts can or should do this - but many can if they are good enough and dedicated.

Of course, when late November hits, companies start to host holiday parties, Chamber banquets, special events, and shows. That work often creates many more cyclical opportunities for performers to work and get paid throughout the year and have fewer "down times".

Remember this: it's all part of the overall plan to stay busy most of the calendar year to create more spread out cash flow. Be mindful when putting your shows together. Take into account what time of year it is and cater your performances to showcase what you can do to fit what the market is looking for.

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