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The Importance of Being Honest

I get into this in the book a bit but wanted to write a little more about this topic as I had another experience with it just this past week.

An entertainer contacted us about possible representation. When I asked them what they normally charged for a performance, they told me they ask for $2,500.00 regularly. Well, after more digging and discussion I find out they generally were getting paid $300.00. Had I been told that up front all would have been fine – but I felt I was being lied too and so chose not to go any further with this particular performer.

What many people (entertainers and speakers) don’t seem to understand is that it can kill the reputation of an agency if they are asking a price of, say $2,500.00, for a performance at the same time the act is willing to sell themselves for $300.00. It makes the agent look dishonest when the agent might really just be trying to keep the pricing integrity they think is in place with that act.

As the owner of G.L. Berg Entertainment, our reputation is a huge deal to me and to all of my staff. We do our very best to be fair and honest with clients and acts and we expect the same in return.

If you are going to be asking for help in contracting shows or presentations – please be consistent and honest. It leads to building trust, work and sustainability.

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